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Aaron Christopher Drown


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The Gods Must Clearly Smile

April 4, 2022

From the distant future, and the forgotten past.

From the far reaches of space, and the house next door.

From award-winning writer Aaron Christopher Drown,
a gathering of fourteen curious tales that wend and weave
across worlds familiar and unthinkable.

A captivating journey through wishes and nightmares,
love and murder, war and magic.

And the occasional dalliance with destiny.

"'There is magic here' is the promise in the first line of this new collection, and the promise is kept nicely, concisely, entertainingly, cleverly throughout. The gods must clearly smile indeed, and so will the reader!”


Welcome to Redgunk

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A Mage of None Magic

The Heart of the Sisters, Book One

March 10, 2014

What's unbelievable when magic is a fact of life?

Myth tells that magic came to be when the fabled gem known as the Heart of the Sisters was shattered by evil gods. The same tale speaks of the Heart being healed one day, unleashing a power that will bring the end of humankind.

While traveling to begin his magical studies, young apprentice Niel finds himself suddenly at the center of the Heart's terrifying legend. Caught in a whirlwind of events that fractures the foundation of everything he's believed, Niel learns his role in the world may be far more important than he ever could have imagined--or ever would have wished.

A Mage of None Magic begins an extraordinary adventure into a perilous land where autocratic magicians manipulate an idle aristocracy, where common academia struggles for acceptance, and where after ages of disregard myth and legend refuse to be ignored any longer.

Home: Latest Work

A little something about.

Aaron Christopher Drown is a native of Brunswick, Maine, who’s lived all over and whose stories have appeared in equally numerous magazines and anthologies. His debut novel, A Mage of None Magic, won the 2010 Darrell Award for Best Novel, and as he’s promised his publisher for years, he’s hard at work on the follow-up. An award-winning graphic designer as well, Aaron resides in Memphis for the moment with his wife, Sarah, their cat, Edison, and his trusty Macbook, Pedro.

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